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Enjoy competitive flat-rate pricing on our grading services, making grading accessible for everyone. Build your showroom without worrying about card value. Take advantage of bulk discounts for larger orders.
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$10 per card
Flat rate, regardless of card value
FREEYou can vault and sell your PSA, BGC, SCG, CSG slabbed cards for free
$15 per cardFlat rate, regardless of card value
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seller fees
Maximize your profits with the lowest seller commission in the hobby. Benefit from free card trading and vaulting services.
  • Seller commission of 10% is the lowest in the hobby
  • Card for card trading is free
  • Vaulting is free
buyer fees
Get more for your money with low buyer fees. Save on transaction costs and enjoy affordable card retrieval options.
  • Buyers pay a transaction fee depending on payment method, as low as 0.8% with a maximum of $5 for ACH payments
  • Retrieving cards is only $1 per card plus shipping